A few years ago, life as I knew it had ended.  I chose a new life and a new way of living that honored my gifts and spoke to my soul.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the build up to this moment was happening since childhood.

Let’s go back to the beginning…from the time I was a little girl, I felt things at a really deep level. I felt other people’s emotions, thoughts and their energy.

For those that experience this, life can be overwhelming as you are not only processing your own experience of life, but you are sensing the experiences of multiple people at the same time. It can be a lot of everything coming at you at once!

Growing up, I realized that most people weren’t experiencing the same things and that made me feel different and sometimes lonely. All I wanted to do was blend into the crowd and fit in with everyone.

So, when I was 6 years old, I started to close off the connection I had to energy. I wanted to feel the way that others did, to be accepted, and to feel normal.


I would have died to feel “normal”.


By the time I was 10 years old,  the disconnection from my true self went even further.  I was looking for answers in others and was about to experience my first deeply painful event, the divorce of my parents. So, there I was experiencing everyone else’s pain and trying desperately to insulate myself from the pain of my family splitting up and that was the first time I began overeating as a way to numb my feelings.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had connected food with a sense of reassurance, a way to soothe myself and avoid pain.

And between 5th and 6th grade I had gained 20 pounds, which set the stage for decades of struggling with weight and negative thought patterns.

So, I was hiding behind some idea of “normal”, struggling with weight gain and by the time I hit thirty, I started having a string of health issues.

They came up one right after the other and it was like an alarm going off in my head saying, “Wake up, something is wrong here”. I wondered what was happening to me. Was I falling apart, little by little?

I saw doctors, which provided no answers, so I began to seek out knowledge on how to nourish my body, which started me on the path to living a healthier life. I also began to wake up from decades of the status quo. A small fire had been lit inside of me and my quest for normal became a quest for the truth about my body.

I began studying with some of the top experts in the holistic health arena. I sought out alternative practitioners and healers and I started to understand the finite details about this beautiful temple called a body that I now feel so blessed to live in. I started to respect it, have a relationship with each cell in my body, and most of all listen to what it needs and provide it with that.

That fire inside of me began to grow from a spark to a flame and my quest for truth stretched beyond the body and into trying to understand life as whole.  It was when I had my son Jameson, that the floodgates opened up. Feelings I had never felt, ideas I had never had, and truths that I was afraid to see started flowing through me.


I was finally awake.


The things I had tried to suppress for so many years, the struggle with food, the career that looked great on the outside, but felt terrible on the inside, the life I thought I wanted, all came up for evaluation.   The things that held me back from experiencing my true essence had to fall away, so I could become aware of my inner truth.

I looked at this precious little boy and I wanted him to know and accept himself. I wanted to show him that he doesn’t have to hide. That he should follow his passions with everything he has, and that whatever he wants to create is possible.

The only way he was ever going to know that abundant freedom is possible, is if his father and I lived it first.


The truth was:

  • I could no longer deny who I was.
  • I was making myself sick.
  • I was struggling with food and weight, but there was so much more to it.
  • I was living a life that was not created in alignment with my own inner compass.


So, the decision was made to leap towards our truths.

And that is when I began to experience energy in new ways. I started to live in “the flow” and the universe raised up to support my endeavors.

The things I had struggled with began to fall away with little effort and as I continued to raise my energy frequency.  My experience of life became brighter, I developed unwavering faith, and trust in following my own inner guidance, and many different areas of my life started to shift for the positive.

There is a lot of discussion in alternative healing about getting to the “root cause” of an ailment and I knew I had discovered a layer even deeper than the “root cause” when I figured out how to work with energy.


Energy is not “silly” or “made up”. It is physics.


It is the basis of everything.  Before we are cells or molecules, we are energy.   From my own personal experience and my formal education in interpersonal communication, nutritional science, psychology, and spirituality and my in-depth study of quantum physics, I developed a proprietary method for raising your energy frequency to align yourself with the body, health, people and experiences that bring you the most joy.

Energy can be understood quite simply and it is extremely powerful. It is not just for some of us. It’s for everyone.

When you truly understand energy, you understand that you are whole and magnificent.

You realize that the things holding you back are not really who you are, they are blocks to your energy and when you raise your energy frequency those blocks begin to fall away.

By discovering how to use your energy purposefully, you can lose weight, have quality relationships, create abundance and be connected to your true power.  Join me and let’s raise our vibration and our lives to new heights.


Energy is where true healing begins.

Energy is your birthright.

Energy is everything.


Holistic Nutrition Expert and Frequency Alchemist, Shana Ekedal is an educator and a trailblazer in the area of mind, body, and spirit wellness.  She is the host of Be Well Live a live interactive online show featuring thought leaders in the health, wellness, and personal development space. Her deepest purpose is to release people from the fears, doubts and insecurities, so they can live healthy and be fully present to their own creativity, access their gifts, and share them powerfully with the world.

Shana has coached and transformed the lives of public figures, stars of stage and screen, and CEOs helping them heal their bodies, effect positive change in their businesses and experience more personal fulfillment. Her proprietary method for getting to the root cause is cutting edge and creates a shift in consciousness and behavior.

Shana holds a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Communication and her formal training includes nutritional science, psychology, energetic frequency and spirituality. She has been published in the Journal of Nonverbal Communication and is a featured contributor for Awareness Magazine.  She was awarded the James I. Brown Award from the Institute for Study of Intrapersonal Processes. She has been a featured guest on many podcasts and health summits as well as delivering keynote addresses at colleges, corporate functions, and public events. She will be releasing her first book in 2017.