When I am at the end of my life, I will look back with the knowledge that I lived half of mine asleep and the rest of it awake. Reflecting back on it now, it almost feels like two different lifetimes; one spent wrapped up in non-sense and the other spent dismantling the non-sense and uncovering my inner truth. I spent most of the first half of life fixated on some idea of perfection trying desperately to get somewhere, be something, do something, attain something and other fruitless endeavors. I was obsessed with chocolate chip cookies and never met a carb or a dessert I didn’t love. I felt betrayed by my body and was never the right weight at times resorting to drugs to ease the pain, and all the while growing more depressed and spiritually disconnected which as you can imagine, was a real big downer. Behind the outward laughs, the good times displayed on social media, and the many wild things I did and still lived to tell, I was pretty lost on the inside and acting overly confident on the outside. The bottom line is that I didn’t know who I was and wasn’t sure how to figure that out until I had a profound experience that caused me to wake up and realize that an entirely new way of life was possible.

After years of living a life that garnered a lot of external praise but left me feeling empty inside, this contradiction took its toll on me physically, emotionally, and mentally. Being stressed out, black circles kind of tired, catching colds if there was a sick person within city limits and the weight; well it was not about to give up residence on the lower half of my body. One day my body simply gave in to the years of unhealthiness, and a diagnosis of skin cancer stopped me in my tracks. The word “cancer” uttered from the mouth of my doctor was no laughing matter. I was going to have a scar down the bridge of my nose forever; a scar that symbolized how long I had ignored my body and my spirit. A reminder that I kept running in circles when I should have stopped and listened to my inner voice gently whispering to me to re-evaluate, re-define and re-connect.

At the doorway of my 30’s, in a desperate attempt to heal my body, I embarked on a journey of self-realization disguised as eating healthier – but what I had no way of knowing at the time is that in the eight years that followed, I would end up transforming every perception I had formerly held about myself, and reinventing every aspect of my life. Along this journey, I realized many things. The most important of these discoveries were that my lifelong preoccupation with weight and food were simply distractions that kept me from acknowledging a much deeper disconnection, and, next, that perfectionism was the strategy I used to find control over external circumstances because the interior of my life felt utterly out of control.

Through almost a decade of study and research in nutritional science, psychology and energetic healing, I came to understand that if we address physical imbalance at a purely superficial level through diet, surgery, etc., without diving into the emotional and energetic causes of these imbalances, we can spend a lifetime chasing an external ideal of “healthy,” and never really find what inside we are so desperately seeking.

In the course of healing, and starting to honor and integrate all of the pieces of self, I came to understand what I now refer to as “the anatomy of transformation,” which is comprised of four distinct phases; truth, release, experience and align, which I have since guided hundreds of women through. The clients with whom I work seek me out for support in dealing with all kinds of conditions ranging from low energy or weight gain to I want a new relationship, career or a brand new life. But regardless of the diagnoses or the goals, my intention is always the same. In my private practice and my programs, my sole purpose is to wake women up to who they really are. Seriously, there is no sleeping around here. Time to jump out of hibernation, start coming alive and taking some action. One of the most effective ways to jump-start this process is to clean out your human vehicle. Years of breathing toxic air, eating chemicals disguised as food, and living in a state of dehydration keeps us dull. If we are going to sparkle and be lit up from the inside out, our body needs to be clean and clear so more energy and light can course through our beingness bringing along all-powerful creative energy and expanding our consciousness.

The truth is, you are energy and light, glorious, radiant and powerful.   Not one other person on the planet has the same exact energy as you. I call this unique, one and only rock star energy, the soul frequency. We are each born with a unique creative energy flow running through our bodies and when we discover and align with it, we deepen or experience of life, and become receptive to streams of wisdom and inspiration like we have never known before. It is next level, off planet kind of living.   Our unique gifts come out of hiding and people start showing up to help us make manifest what is meant to be born through us.

Maybe you are seeking some insight or relief to an unwanted physical condition or emotional pain. Perhaps you, like me all those years, are just hoping to lose some weight or feel better in your body. And if this is your quest, know that you have been guided to the perfect place. Right now, you cannot even fathom all the ways you are going to evolve and expand, or the many insights that will open up for you along the way, its like waiting for the checkered flag before the biggest race of your life.   But as your body purifies, stabilizes and realigns, you will create space for the dawning of a deeper truth that is waiting to be born. And if you follow this truth, you will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or better yet, know that you are it.


Frequency alchemist, speaker, and author, Shana Ekedal is a trailblazer in the area of mind, body, and spirit wellness. She has transformed the lives of women around the world including public figures by helping them to heal their bodies, effect positive change in their businesses and to have great impact and influence in the world. Shana is the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast, a show dedicated to empowering people to raise their frequency and live authentically. Her guests include NYT bestselling authors, celebrities, and holistically minded visionaries.

Shana holds a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Communication and after building successful businesses in both the residential and commercial sectors of the real estate industry, she found a deeper calling to live a more authentic and holistically healthy life.  She became deeply passionate about helping women to discover their deepest truths and to create a life that is in alignment with their purpose. Through her formal training in nutritional science, psychology, and energetic healing she blends holistic health practices with actionable steps to help her clients create a life that lights them up inside.  She has been published in the Journal of Nonverbal Communication and has been featured in Awareness Magazine.  She was awarded the James I. Brown Award from the Institute for Study of Intrapersonal Processes. Her first book is already receiving rave reviews and will be released to the public in 2018.