building self esteem

Building Self Esteem | The Soul Frequency Show #24

Self-esteem is foundational to living a fulfilled life.  It is only by understanding how self-esteem is built that we can start being mindful about continuing to create an empowered life from the inside out.  Life is a reflection of what we feel inside. We literally change...

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How To Stop Stressing | The Soul Frequency Show #21

‘Tis the season of snowmen, snowflakes….and stress? It is a merry and happy time of year and yet, there can be some real stressors. Lets face it, stress is impacting us every day of the year in more ways than we probably realize. Let's learn...

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Their son was diagnosed with cancer, their lives changed overnight and they used illness as a teachers to educate themselves on how to reverse cancer.  

Illness As A Teacher | The Soul Frequency Show #20

Throughout life, we will have many teachers that cross our path. Some that will make us feel like we are unstoppable and others that will push our buttons. But our life’s teachers are not only the people that cross our path; they are the things...

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Erin Nielsen explains how you can start defying age and shares her three pillar process for better health called the Youth Method.

Defying Age | The Soul Frequency Show # 18

This conversation was so much fun! We talk all about aging and, more importantly, how we can start defying age by doing great things to take care of our bodies.   Wouldn’t it be cool to keep the life experience and wisdom yet turn the clock...

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Nicolaus Pineault shares about physical signs of electro hypersensitivity to EMFs [dirty frequencies], and how to protect your body from your cell phone.

Dirty Frequencies | The Soul Frequency Podcast #15

Is it possible to have a WiFi allergy?  Today’s topic is possibly one of the most fascinating topics.  We are talking about dirty frequencies, which exist all around us, but cannot be heard, seen or touched. Listen up!  These frequencies are not the high vibe feel...

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